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A simple guide on how to improve your textgame

Need help on How to text girls? 

In this blog I am going to share my journey on how I personally learned how to text girls so I could increase my succes with girls in general. I will show you how I got more Dates using WhatsApp and Facebook as a tool.

how to text girls
Nathan, 25
At first a little bit about me: I'm Nathan Jorgensen and I'm 25 years old from Austin, Texas.
2010 was the worst year of my life. My girlfriend had broken up with me and I wanted to meet new people and especially girls.

In 2011 I finally wanted to change something.  I  decided to start going out with my friends during the day, and every friday and saturday we went to the club, partying.

After a couple weeks I quite improved my skills. I would receive things like:

 • A lot of good reactions from the Girls

 • Make Outs

 • Phone Numbers,

 • Facebook Names

 • BUT I was never able to to meet a girl for a date after I met her.

I couldn't I get Dates because I didn't know how to text girls the right way

After going out I was able to get the girls number. This was the first part. If you need handling that first and very important part, read this article, it gives you awesome advise on how to get a girls number.

But the reason why I couldn't get dates was really simple. I would always mess up my WhatsApp Texts AND Facebook Messages, so the girl who liked me at first wasn't interested anymore and didn't want to go out on a date with me or even hang out.
Please check out this site:

Also I was horrible on chatting up women on Facebook, I had NO idea how to text Girls and how get them on dates eventough I am a good looking guy, I have been a parttime model at Abercrombie & Fitch for the past 3 years. So then I came to the point where I was so frustrated, that i promised this myself:

how to text girls I will give anything possible on this earth to figure out what attraction creates and what not, I wanted to know how to text girls the right way“

The Mission was to figure out, what should I write and when, in order to get girls to go out with me on a date.

I started documenting on what really works, and what does not work. I asked my friends to send me text histories from Girls they had met, and I analyzed everything from conversation start to beginning. Then I finally started to get girls on Dates. Once I had her on a date, it was an easy game to get make outs, a relationship or even just for a night.

Learn how to text girls the right way

how to text girlsAfter doing this hard work for almost 2 years, taking daily notes and learning from my experiences, Then  I created this step-by-step guide to help other guys to get more dates.

I have learned that giving back something is a great Thing.
With this guide you have the oppurtunity to learn from my mistakes, and in that way save a lot of time. Feel free to download my PDF.

Note: You have to verify that you are a human being by completing a free offer. Please only use real information, otherwise the download won't work

If you follow my FREE GUIDE, I promise your results with women will increase, when it comes to texting and chatting online. You will soon learn how to text girls the right way.